Excitement and Safety

Hungaroring Kart Center is located outdoors so it is important for the comfort of our guests to wear suitable clothing. We provide each racer a balaclava and a helmet.

To enhance the safety and the racing experience, we installed a rubber barrier strip along the wall of the track and due to the marshal towers every curve is clearly visible.

The movements and troubles on the track (collisions, spinned kart, where is allowed to park, where to take pictures, etc.) will be supervised by our staff. They will be located in several locations along the racing track. Our staff will assist with getting in- and out of the karts, provide the helmets and balaclavas and indicate flag signals during the race to provide information and make sure that our guests can run their laps in the most secure way.

Conditions of use

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Top 10
No. Name Time Weight (kg)
1. Kacskovics Krisztián 32.476 65
2. Hange László 32.504 61
3. Soproni András 32.640 45
4. Vida Beni 32.683 47
5. Csermák István 32.685 55
6. Fábián Péter 32.805 62
7. Rébb Krisztián 32.809 73
8. Nagy Tamás 32.841 85
9. Hidegkuti Gergely 32.917 55
10. Fehér András 32.933 70
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