Our Kart Park fleet is made up of the market leading and world famous 270cc, 10 HP Honda GX engine-driven SODI GT4-R Karts, which models also racing on world championships. We guarantee that all ouf our 14 karts (+2 Sodi GT4) will meet the needs of all guests and racers and you can reach up to 65 km/h speed.

The GT4-R is a modern and secure kart from the French manufacturing company that designed these models based on 30 years of racing experience. Throughout the design of these modern karts, the manufacturer used a number of unique solutions to make the race memorable. The exhaust and engine is covered with a protection shield to guard the driver from any possible harm. The adjustable pedals and seats ensure that every driver finds the most comfortable driving position. All of our karts are equipped with 4 point seatbelts, roll bar mounted headrests, hydraulic breaks and special Proline 360 / HEAD System shock absorption systems which are in accordance with the latest safety and technical regulations.

Due to the improved performance the curves are even more exciting and the maximum speed will increase as well.


The high level of safety and reliability make the 120cc and 4HP SODI Fun Kid the preferred kart for track operators. The karts are petrol powered vehicles designed for children above 125 cm high. Adjustable bucket seat, adjustable pedals, and adjustable steering wheel height. Integral ergonomics for an ideal driving position in a strikingly looking kart. These karts offers exceptional reliability, outstanding shock stability (THR integral polyethylene protection, impact and abrasion resistant), flexible and secure control and complete ultra-fast setting adjustments (bucket seat, column, pedals) allowing extremely simple use for our drivers.

Minimum body height for 270cc karts: 150 cm; for kis kart: 125 cm. Adult and kids kart drive together at the same heat. Maximum weight limit for adult karts is 135 kg.

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Top 10
No. Name Time Weight (kg)
1. Csermák István 32.086 72
2. Sárváry Dániel 32.112 60
3. Németh Eszter 32.394 58
4. Vida Beni 32.433 74
5. Fehér Áron 32.447 40
6. Sonkoly Bálint 32.663 70
7. Polhammer Zozo 32.666 72
8. Polhammer Kristóf 32.684 43
9. Bende Florentin 32.781 58
10. Boda Zoltán 32.789 68

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