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Off-Road Track

You can connect your kart racing experience with some off-road adventures in the Hungaroring Off-Road Center. Let`s go from asphalt to the mud!

Located in the Heart of the Grand Prix Track, the 30 ha big ’rainforest’ offers a unique quad and off-road experience.

More Information:

Hungaroring Off-Road Center


Address: 2146 Mogyoród Pf.49 Hungaroring
Tel: (06-20) 458-2736
Fax: (06-28) 441-961

Driving Courses

On the Groupama Technical Driving Center everyone who loves to drive can experience a unique training, where you can show off the most extreme driving skills in a safe environment.

More Information:

Groupama Garancia Vezetéstechnikai Centrum


Groupama Garancia Vezetéstechnikai Centrum
"Tanpálya" Vezetéstechnikai Centrum Kft.

Cím: 2146 Mogyoród Pf.49 Hungaroring
Tel: (06-28) 441-951
Fax: (06-28) 441-961
Leading instructor:

Dual Trabant

Interested in a really special vehicle? Rent our "Dual Trabant" which could be a funny team-building addition to your karting experience with many great challenges!

People can try a real curiosity at this venue. They have to drive a ’dual’ Trabant which is equipped with two engines and two wheels, on a straigth path. Co-operation of two drivers are essential to complete the task. All drivers can try how to drive the car forward and in reverse mode.

Rental fee: 30.000 HUF + VAT / hour 


Crazy Wagen

From now on you will be able to try our fascinating, brand new "Crazy Wagen" during your visit to Hungaroring Kart Center / Off-Road Center. 

The seemingly vintage looking Volkswagen isn't your everyday VW Golf. At first glance, you will find it strange, that the car's steering wheel is on the right side. The icing on the cake is, that we have changed the steering direction of the wheel, so when you are steering right, the car will turn left, when you steer left, the car will turn right. 

The participating teams will have to compete on our 'trick' course with this comical machinery. We guarantee incredible fun for everyone! 

Rental fee: 30.000 HUF + VAT / hour 

Experience Drive On The Hungaroring

You can have the opportunity to drive a couple of laps on the actual Formula 1 Grand Prix track! You can drive with professional instructors with race cars on the tracks where the F1 pilots do for the past 25 years!

More Information:

Hungaroring Experience Drive


Hungaroring Sport Zrt.

address: 2146 Mogyoród, Hungaroring Versenypálya
post address: 2146 Mogyoród, Hungaroring Pf. 10.
tel.: +36 28 444 444
fax: +36 28 441 860

Other Adventures on Hungaroring

Kart fun can be linked with other adventures!

For more details please ask our staff for the most suitable programme designed for your individual needs. Most of the services in Hungaroring are available on the same dates/times during using the kart track.

You won’t find this combination of so many different adventures anywhere else!

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No. Name Time Weight (kg)
1. Csermák Pisti 32.086 72
2. Fehér Áron 32.447 40
3. Sonkoly Bálint 32.663 70
4. Polhammer Zozo 32.666 72
5. Vida Beni 32.683 47
6. Polhammer Kristóf 32.684 43
7. Hidegkuti Gergely 32.858 65
8. Kollár Csanád 32.994 65
9. Támba Zoli 33.087 70
10. Rébb Krisztián 33.283 75

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