Before arrival

Before arrival:

  • We ask our guests to arrive 10 minutes before the date of appointment for the individual race, or at least 15 minutes in advance in case of a race package / track rental!
  • Entry is possible through the Hungaroring main entrance, after that follow the yellow road sign arrow, parking is possible directly at the go-kart track free of charge.
  • It is mandatory to wear shoes for go-karting, no other special clothing is required.
  • Foods and beverages can only be purchased in our snack bar on site or through our catering partner! Bringing in foods and beverages are not allowed! (Birthday cakes are an exception.)
  • Pets are not allowed to enter the Hungaroring racetrack area according to the rules of the course!

Higiene and Safety

COVID-19 - Safety measures

General conditions of visit, safety instruction for the entire area of ​​the go-kart track, extra hygiene rules:

  • If possible, we recommend using your own helmet and your own balaclava.
  • Hygienic balaclavas to be worn under helmets are provided for rent exclusively in disinfected, high temperature washed form.
  • We only offer new balaclavas for purchase.
  • It is mandatory to keep a minimum distance of 2 meters between people.
  • Alcoholic hand sanitizer is available at the ticket office.
  • Participants who already have a ticket can enter the pit lane only at the call of the course supervisor, keeping a distance of 2 meters.
  • The regulations and the instructions of the course supervisor must be observed in all circumstances! If the visitor does not comply with these measures, he must leave the course area!

General instructions:

Hungaroring Kart Center is located outdoors so it is important for the comfort of our guests to wear suitable clothing. We provide each racer a balaclava and a helmet.

To enhance the safety and the racing experience, we installed a rubber barrier strip along the wall of the track and due to the marshal towers every curve is clearly visible.

The movements and troubles on the track (collisions, spinned kart, where is allowed to park, where to take pictures, etc.) will be supervised by our staff. They will be located in several locations along the racing track. Our staff will assist with getting in- and out of the karts and indicate flag signals during the race to provide information and make sure that our guests can run their laps in the most secure way. All of our karts are equipped with seatbelt and headrest.

Conditions of use

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Top 10
No. Name Time Weight (kg)
1. Csermák Pisti 32.086 72
2. Fehér Áron 32.447 40
3. Sonkoly Bálint 32.663 70
4. Polhammer Zozo 32.666 72
5. Vida Beni 32.683 47
6. Polhammer Kristóf 32.684 43
7. Hidegkuti Gergely 32.858 65
8. Kollár Csanád 32.994 65
9. Támba Zoli 33.087 70
10. Rébb Krisztián 33.283 75

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