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Important info: Due to the large-scale development and reconstruction works taking place at Hungaroring, the go-kart track will temporarily operate in a different area  inside of the race track in the 2024 season! We are located right inside Gate 1/C (current main gate).

Please select the desired date in the table and complete the form with your personal information. On top of the desired time it is required to choose the type of booking, provide your name, e-mail address, telephone number, the number of drivers and the planned karting sessions (While choosing Mini GP or Mini GP Extra, this number is 3 and 4. Let us know at the additional details if you wish to choose these packages). If you would like to use kids karts as well, please let us know in the "Additional Info" field with the nr. of karts needed. For individual bookings please arrive at least 15 min. prior to your appointment. For Mini GP Packages or exclusive track use please arrive at least 25 min. prior to your appointment.

Should you choose exclusive "Track booking", the number of sessions can be customized so the system will just leave this box unchecked the is no need to pick any number.

One individual session means 8 minutes of karting, except for the Mini GP packages, you can check their details here.

For the 3 session ticket 1 hour interval is required . Should you be buying more then 1 ticket, there is a 1 session long break after each session. We reserve the right to change the general schedule in order to adapt to the current situation.

If you have other questions or requests you may indicate those in the "Additional Info" field below.

The “Track booking timetable” gives an overview of how many appointments or bookings were made in the desired time and when the tracks are available for the number of people in your group. In case you see the “Unoccupied” sign, no one has yet logged on to a specific time. In the event that the table says “Slots available” means that someone has already booked karts for that specific time but there are still more karts and space available to accommodate your group. While using PC leave the cursor over the label or click on it to reveal how many people have signed up already and how many sessions they are planning to go. If using any mobile devices without having a pointer just click on the specified time to see how many peple have made appointment. 

With the help of the "Finish" button we will send you an automatically generated E-mail to your specified e-mail address to let you know that we received your booking and we will reply and confirm you within 12 hours. After that details will be added to the “Track booking timetable”. Appointmens / bookings are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. The date will only be valid and confirmed in the table after a successful confirmation, the auto-reply letter is not valid for confirmation!

Attention: We can guarantee the confirmation within 12 hours. If you would like to make a "last minute" booking within this interval and you haven't received a confirmation yet, please contact on phone too! The standard is always the date and time you picked from the timetable. The track is not responsible in case you appear at a wrong date/time. Please note, pets are not allowed at the circuit!

Type of booking: Make an appointment or book the track?

If you are choosing to make an appointment for your group, our staff can count on your arrival and unexpected waiting times can be avoided. Therefore it is highly recommended to look at the “Track booking timetable” and make an appointment before arriving to the track. For individual sessions or Mini GP packages please choose "Make an appointment" as type of the booking.

Making an appointment does not ensure an exclusive use of the track, in this case it is recommended to book the track for a specific time.

The registration gives an advantage to avoid waiting times, for example 2 larger groups would hopefully not arrive at the same time.

In case of booking the track we offer exclusive use of the track. The track belongs exclusively to the renting group – this arrangement is the most commonly recommended for corporate events, bachelor- or birthday parties. This requires at least 1 hour and a minimum rent of 6 karts (7 on weekends and nationa holiday). We can offer up to 13 karts for track bookings. For exclusive track booking 50% advance payment is required.

Organizing races is also possible based on the Formula 1 rules with the help and preparation of professional instructors. The entire program starts with a warm-up session followed by qualifying and the race can be finished with an award giving ceremony. The top 3 is awarded with Hungaroring medal and a bottle of champagne.

We ask all our guests to arrive fifteen minutes prior the starting time in the case of exclusive track booking!

The exclusive track booking fee per hour is 16,500 HUF + 27% VAT / kart - exclusive and unlimited use
Organizing races: free, awarding ceremony: 11.500 HUF + 27% VAT

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Top 10
No. Name Time Weight (kg)
1. Kiss Nikoletta 27.643 50
2. Mihalidesz Máté 27.909 61
3. Köbli Tamás 27.916 85
4. Erõs Dávid 27.956 69
5. Vereczkey Mór 27.965 53
6. Fehér Áron 28.098 56
7. Gaál András 28.264 102
8. Erõs Gábor 28.279 75
9. Tószegi Levente 28.300 57
10. Veres Balázs 28.319 66

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