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Mini GP, Mini GP Extra

Now is the time to compete! We have created our Mini GP and Mini GP Extra packagese where you can have your own race with your team without having to fully book the track for a time interval. Just like in F1 the program starts with a warm-up session followed by the qualification. After the race the TOP 3 contestants are awarded on our podium with authentic gold, silver and bronze Hungaroring medal, feel free to take some pictures of the celebration.

As a part of our Mini GP, Mini GP Extra package only your Team will be allowed on the track during the driving sessions (limited - not full exclusivity)!

Mini GP Programme:

  • 1x8 minutes warm-up
  • 1x6 minutes qualification
  • 1x12 laps race starting from the grid
  • Medal for the top 3
Mini GP Package price: 7.000 HUF / participant

Mini GP Extra Programme:

  • 1x8 minutes warm-up
  • 1x6 minutes qualification
  • 1x24 laps race starting from the grid
  • Medal for the top 3
Mini GP Extra Package price: 9.000 HUF / participant

Participants: 6 - 11 people in one group - over 11 people in 2 groups

It is necessary to book a slot through our online booking system. Please write the following reference in the comment section: Mini GP, or Mini GP Extra

CAUTION! The advanced registration does not guarantee out of turn access, you might have to wait for previous session to end therefore the track is subject to availability.

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Top 10
No. Name Time Weight (kg)
1. Kacskovics Krisztián 32.476 65
2. Hange László 32.504 61
3. Vida Beni 32.683 47
4. Csermák István 32.685 55
5. Nagy Tamás 32.841 85
6. Süveges Péter 32.979 70
7. Ferenczy Dominik 33.200 52
8. Papp Dávid Róbert 33.201 65
9. Polhammer Zoltán 33.205 60
10. Bereczki Gábor 33.292 65
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