The Karting Track

Due to the large-scale development and reconstruction works taking place at Hungaroring, the go-kart track will temporarily operate in a different area inside of the race track in the 2024 season! We are located right inside Gate 1/C.
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Located right in the middle of the Formula 1 race track in the exclusive environment of the Hungaroring Motorsport Centre is the completely renovated and embellished Hungaroring Kart Center.

The main objective while creating the outdoor Kart track was to make an exciting, dynamic, technical track studded with curves as those tracks where the Formula 1 drivers started their career.

Hungaroring Kart Center in the heart of Hungary's only Formula 1 race track welcomes the motorsport enthusiasts with 14 state of art 270cc SODI GT4-R karts and 4 SODI FUN Kids Kart and provides free parking!

The track is 513 meters long (temporarily 392m); equipped with tire sidewalls, armed with barriers, a state of the art timing system and several locations for the marshals to track the race. Each participant can keep track of his or her achieved results after each lap with the help of the digital display located at the end of the finish line. We also developed our Live Timing System where participants can track their actual and last results on their phone.

The exceptionally technical track is suitable for both settling of tournaments and learning and practicing the world of racing. The track is perfect for the tires and the high quality asphalt ensures a superb grip just like the F1 tracks.

We evolved a huge terrace with parasols and a lounge area where we can root for our racing friends on the track while sipping a refreshing soft drink or coffee. The results of the competition can be followed continuously on the LCD screen.

We ensure free Wi-Fi for all of our guests, so feel free to make your friends / co-workers jealous on the social media.

Track Layout

Onboard Cam - 2024 temporary track

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Top 10
No. Name Time Weight (kg)
1. Kiss Nikoletta 27.643 50
2. Mihalidesz Máté 27.909 61
3. Köbli Tamás 27.916 85
4. Erõs Dávid 27.956 69
5. Vereczkey Mór 27.965 53
6. Fehér Áron 28.098 56
7. Gaál András 28.264 102
8. Erõs Gábor 28.279 75
9. Tószegi Levente 28.300 57
10. Veres Balázs 28.319 66

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